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Feltback vinyl

Feltback vinyl

Wood, Tile and Plain designs all available

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Blacktex Specification

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Blacktex Columbian Oak 636L
Columbian Oak 636L
Blacktex Honey Oak 632L
Honey Oak 632L
Blacktex Golden Oak Plank 061M
Golden Oak 061M
Natural Oak 936L
Natural Oak 936L


Siena 102S
Siena 102S
Siena 090E
Havanna Oak 696L
Natural Oak 994D




Our feltback collection is ideal for when you’re facing uneven subfloors, which is often the case in older houses. The secret of these ranges is in the textile backing that functions as a buffer for small subfloors irregularities.

Moreover, our feltback collection is perfectly suitable for looselay on surfaces of up to 40m². This makes installation a breeze, as Tex floors don’t require to be glued down. Just choose from one of our natural looking oak or tile designs, roll out your floor and enjoy.